Thanks for reading my blog! I just got back from taking some photos, and learning more about photography. I took my first city photos, and I believe that it provides a different feel from the nature and landscape photography that I normally do. Anyway, from now on, I'll be posting every week. This week's photo is of a small sparrow from the Ngorongoro national park. This picture has a bokeh effect.

What is the Bokeh Effect?
The bokeh effect is the term given the the effect when a photo is in sharp focus for part of the picture, but in soft focus for the rest of the picture. The bokeh effect is commonly used by photographers from National Geographic.

How is the effect created?
The bokeh effect is created by shooting on a wide aperture, getting your subject (this will be in sharp focus) far away from the background (this will be in soft focus). Then focus of the subject.

Why did I use this effect?
This effect is good for highlighting parts of your picture, or (as shown above) you can make the photo more interesting and progressive. The bokeh effect is also good for blocking out parts of your picture. 

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