Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix finished over a week ago, but Singapore is still awash with the celebration of F1. Race weekend was full of avid fans jostling to get the best spot and to catch a glimpse of their favourite driver. I was there, in the middle of the action to see the blur of metal and tire smoke. Often, the only way to see the cars and their drivers was through my lens.

The most fiercely competitive race was, without a doubt, the ferrari challenge. Strong competitors, racing neck and neck in cars that were barely different. There was considerable amounts of performance issues, and when the drivers went down the straight at full speed, they braked so vigorously at the end that their brake discs were alight with a full pedal-to-the-metal red glow.There were quite a few accidents, with one competitor losing a large amount of body work. The fans went crazy to see a glimpse of the cars racing neck and neck. Having viewed the race from several different positions, turn three was the best viewing place for the Grand Prix.

Moving on to the highlight of the race weekend: The Formula One Grand Prix. In my opinion, practice session 3 was the most competitive race, as the drivers were testing how hard they could push the cars and themselves before the stress began to show. Many of the  drivers suffered issues, and there was, of course, the hilarious monitor lizard on the track. Many a driver found the Singapore Marina Bay Grand Prix track very difficult, because, unlike many other courses, Singapore's track incorporated many left hand turns and as such caused drivers to stay on their toes. 

Ankit KumarComment