Well, It’s Been a While

Its been really long since I last updated this blog, and a lot's happened since then. What follows is a quick run down in some of the major changes that have happened regarding my photography.

  1. I was twice highly honoured by Nature's Best Photography Asia (and you can see those photos and the description on their site here: 

  2. I have taken the plunge, and switched to a mirrorless. This obviously represents a big change, and there will be an upcoming post on why I chose to do so. Suffice it to say, there were significant benefits provided by the mirrorless system that I didn't have on my DSLR.

  3. I have diversified my portfolio even more; I've done more videos, and I've been doing a lot of print work


I'm glad you asked! A lot of people these days understand that videos are simply a sequence of pictures. However, the way that one edits the photos is very different from videos. I've had to undergo a lot of learning in order to learn how to make videos the way that I do. I enjoy using Adobe Premiere, as it doesn't have a very steep learning curve. Some things are very similar though, such as exposure controls and Lumetri colour. 

I mostly do timelapse videos, as it allows me to maintain a lot of control over my camera. Before I actually start to understand shooting video, taking photos and them stitching them into videos is a nice way to bridge the two. You can find a lot of my timelapse videos on my instagram (@Ankitohmatix), and there'll be some more in depth posts about said videos. In the meantime, check out the videos below:


In this age of digital photography, it is quite easy to share your photos over the internet, and quickly send it to someone. The portability of keeping a picture on your phone to share it with others is so convenient!

However, there is a certain satisfaction that can only be achieved through seeing your photos in print. The ability to see your work in a physical form provides some unique characteristics. The light bouncing off of the deep colours makes it look much nicer than . simple screen could ever hope to.

I produced a series of prints to help support my charity that I run (you can visit us at, or by clicking the button below). At first, we managed to coordinate with a local restaurant that agreed to host a gallery evening. Afterwards, the photos hung in the Singapore American Club for two months. 

This lead me to create my own page for prints! You can visit it by clicking the button below, or by visiting the Prints page on this website. The store is quite new, and will continue to be updated with more photos that you can buy. There are a variety of mediums on offer, and if you enjoyed the photos on this site or my blog, it is a great way to have a nice little keepsake, or even a gift now that the season of giving is approaching!

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