Lunar Eclipse

In my post about my photography in Singapore, I said that I was going to attempt to take some photos of the lunar eclipse on January 31. When I got my stuff all ready to go, the weather didn't look promising to say the least: rain pouring down, the occasional flash of thunder. Not the best weather to be lugging around a massive lens and a tripod. Just as the sun was setting, I had lost hope. I had already gone to spot that I had planned before, but the rain wasn't letting up. However, I was lucky enough to already be at the right spot when the rain stopped, which meant that I didn't have to waste any time getting set up. This allowed me to make the mosaic of all the phases of the eclipse that you can see below:

I also wanted to capture the moon rising above the skyline. Unfortunately, due to error in my planning, I overshot by a bit. Despite that, I still managed to capture the following video of the moon rising over the Singapore Flyer:

Anyway, that's all for my eclipse. I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and I hope you come back to see what new content I have! 

Ankit KumarComment