Singapore Skyline

I used to never take photos in Singapore. All that I used to think Singapore photos were  just portrait and street shots. One day, I saw a beautiful intro to a youtube video taken from the waterfront in the Singaporean CBD. That gave me the idea to take a photo from the CBD; however, I didn't want to just copy someone else. I flew my drone as high as I thought safe (it was a windy day), and stitched together my photos to make a massive photo:

After I had taken the photos that I would then turn into a panorama, I brought the drone back to the ground, and switched out the batteries before taking off again once the sun had fully set. When there was no sunlight, and the water reflected the lights from the skyscrapers, it looked absolutely beautiful. When I got home, I combined several shots together to reduce the shakiness of the pictures, to create the following photo:

In the future, I'm really looking forward to photographing the upcoming lunar eclipse from Singapore, and I will post my results on here!

Ankit KumarComment